Professional products lead the world

All say professional outdoor sports brands of coats warmth retention property will be better, Moncler as professional outdoor sports brand, feather series has been the most popular accept all product line of a series and praise. But where are they exactly good at?

First of all Moncler stuffed with Hungary feather is white goose down, this white goose down PengSongDu very high, the following compression can in a very short time is restorable. Adhere to the high quality Moncler from Hungary geese field eiderdown unified purchase raw material, the selected is a tall order, only a few of the finest Hungarian white goose down to pass the test. In the production process, the control Moncler strict cleaning, drying process, production strictly, make everything down jacket can do no odor, guarantee the wearer comfort and safety.

Classy material combined with exquisite craftsmanship, making everything the Moncler online shop can hold ultralight, can highly compressed, warmth outstanding characteristics. It is so high quality products to let Moncler down series products from many professional outdoor brand emerged as a feather rong industry leader, has also become the vaunted object and numerous fashion.

Moncler main professional outdoor sports products. In order to guarantee their products for many years of professional, Moncler has been insisting and the world’s best outdoor athletes and limit athletes signing, let them in their respective adventure experience brand equipment and will they feedback back products design center. Brand from extract nutrition feedback opinion, to better product improvement. Such is the spirit of diligence Moncler jackets stand that makes any test, become outdoor activists even urban fashion of people’s mind love. After 40 years of development, Moncler has become the world’s most outstanding outdoor professional brand and provide reliable and technical innovation of outdoor products, and believes that “exploration never stop”.

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