Different styles to wearing Moncler jackets part 2

This feather in style, but not much innovation on color is rich and colorful. Moncler jackets of wear take a very exquisite, choose fastens with color lower-body or brunet lower-body collocation is right choice. In hypertrophy and bloated coats and a little small ornament, is the best way to remove this defect – for example a leopard grain scarf.

Coats and short skirt, shorts plus pantyhose boots collocation is many idiomatic tie-in rule, the half part role is warm, the role of the lower part is a showcase of figure. Overall hoar fastens comparative intellectual, modest showing skin can let more slender legs.

Bright red feather is glossy whole tie-in window, collocation a heart-shaped logo t-shirts and bowknot short skirt, woolly reminding everyone, snow boots his owner knows it’s cold weather, a standard of Japanese young beautiful dress up came out.

Brief paragraph coats of the most common and paragraph coat is the piled build, increased administrative levels feeling can cover the haunches flesh. Knitting dress is a good thing, she let MM round in the cold season also can wear a skirt dream, and still keep warm, plus pieces fashion even cap from Moncler online shop, recreational, concise style have hid the fair maiden temperament, again tie-in a leopard grain legging and a pair of black or brown tall canister boots, this winter will have peace!

Even t-shirts and shorts chiffon dress all all summer, you simply can wear plus Moncler jackets women scarf and snow boots let from beginning to end you warm up. Small calico chiffon skirt and even cap glossy feather mix build, without expand feeling, not only lively and lovely. Afraid of cold can directly is tie-in a narrow leg pants, meimei’s you’ll never do “frozen” beauty, oh.

Small MM can wear beautiful color to ignore height problem, pencil pants modify your legs type and don’t forget to add a pair of snow boots to match, outstanding slender leg ministry line show good figure.

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