Moncler keeps high quality forever

Rene Ramillon opened Moncler in the French alpine village of Monastier De Clermont in 1952,inventive styling with fur, leather, buttons and fashion fabrics captured a metropolitan market in the 80′s. Moncler has continued to present fashion-forward performance garments suitable on the mountain and in the city, at every moment of daily life.

Moncler is a luxury and fashion brand which is specialized in the production of high quality Moncler jackets for outdoors. Today, the lovely Moncler down jackets incorporates traditional and classic elements, not only can you easily create stylish, personality, and trends. Not only Moncler down jacket in fashion fabrics and the Moncler down jacket design aspects of environmental protection at all from France, the United States, Japan and other countries import advanced instrumentation and monitoring system.

These jackets are waterproof and suitable for you skiing trips too. The jackets are made of high quality material and made by the original OEM manufacturer. We offer a special flat 70% off on these latest in coolers and designs jackets. If you purchase from our Moncler online shop we can offer you free shipping as well. And you will surely be 100% satisfied with our customer care and after sale service.

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