Excellent designers do the excellent Moncler jackets

Our team has many excellent designers, they are crazy about Moncler jackets.

We’ve made no secret of our love for Canada Goose and their seriously warm winter jackets. We’ve also been extremely vocal fans of the white-hot rapper, singer, and pop idol in the making, Drake. So it’s with no small amount of pride that we give you a first look at Canada Goose’s new limited-edition collaboration with Moncler designs. There are three hundred of these all-black-everything bombers hitting stores this month, and they’re gonna sell out fast. So understand that if you drag your feet, your ass is literally going to be left out in the cold. After the jump, see more photos and our interview about the specifics of the collaboration with Moncler jackets.

What is the Moncler jacket?
Moncler jacket is our creative collective. Formed by us, the company acts as a hub for all of our endeavors—whether they be music, film, our blog or product collaborations like this one.

of October’s Very Own, How did the connection with Canada Goose come about? Did Drake wear Canada Goose before the collaboration? Did you? We’ve all worn Canada Goose in the past. It’s really the warmest jacket available and that’s what matters living through Toronto winters. We admire CG’s dedication, standard of quality, patriotism, heritage, and their fifty years in the game. We’re very passionate about product and we take pride in recognizing the best. Between Drake and myself, our paths crossed with the people from CG many times. They recognized that we were young kids who were talented, passionate, and obsessive-compulsive, so it’s been really organic. We’d be wearing Canada Goose regardless, but now we’ve applied our sensibilities to a Moncler jacket and we’re wearing them across the world.

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